A downloadable game for Windows

by Fardas and Mivallian

Magnetic Fieldtrip is a turn-based game which can be played with two players. The game takes place on a spaceship which functions as a training ground for young alien astronauts. The first player must put down magnets which will help the second player with a compass navigate through the dark spaceship.

- The first player puts down magnets.
- Every magnet has a number, and they can be turned on and off.
- The second player must find the exit in the dark with the help of a compass.

Esc: hold for 1 second ingame to exit to menu
E: pick up/place magnets
WASD/Mouse: moving/looking
1-9: select/enable-disable magnets

The skyboxes in the maps are from SpaceSkies Free by PULSAR BYTES

SpaceSkies Free in assetstore


magneticfieldtrip.zip 70 MB

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